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You'll love

Tired of SysAdmin tasks? Strapi CMS offers a great developer experience when it's running, but setting it up can be a hassle. hostpi does all the heavy lifting for you. Just choose a name, pick your plan, and Strapi will be set up and ready to use in minutes, not hours. And if you have questions along the way, our customer support is always happy to help you out.

Your clients will love

Do you offer development services to clients? If so, hostpi can help you reduce administrative overhead while making sure everything is running smoothly. Spend your time on what actually matters: the product for your client. Deliver better websites and apps in less time with hostpi.

Your wallet will love

Traditionally, CMS Solutions are expensive. Whether you are hosting and maintaining your own or buying a hosted solution, you'll need a big budget. Not with hostpi. Start out with our super affordable starter plan while developing and launching, and then scale up as you need. Be it 1 or 100.000 visitors, hostpi scales to your needs while remaining very cost-effective.

Future-You will love

Do you worry about updates? Stop worrying with hostpi. Newly created servers are always on the newest Version of Strapi we've tested to be stable. And once it comes time to update, you can install them with just a few clicks right from your Dashboard. We'll handle the rest and ensure smooth operation for years to come.

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